Xtreme Travelling


Want to fly overseas to surprise family and friends, but low on cash? We’ve given ‘package deal’ new meaning with this mail yourself overseas experience where YOU become the gift box. You’ll fly to any major airport with all the amenities you’d expect on a standard flight at a fraction of the price.

Take advantage of heavily discounted excess cargo inventory and fly in the surprising comfort of one of our unique self-contained flight boxes.

Your journey begins by checking in at one of the purpose-built people distribution centres found at each international airport. Before your flight, you will receive a full briefing on box safety in the air and learn valuable stretches specifically designed to help you maintain the crouch position for prolonged periods. Step inside your self-contained box, close the lid and before you know it you’ll be processed and stowed away.

Just because you’re travelling in cargo, you won’t miss out on any of the luxuries in the main cabin.

Your spacious flight box is available in multiple sizes based on height and contains:

  • 4 x refreshing towelettes
  • 1 x state of the art in-flight entertainment cap complete with surround sound brought to you by buytvhatnow.com
  • Your pre-ordered meals (dehydrated chicken, beef or fish)
  • Safety harness for take off and landing
  • IATA-approved oxygen ventilation system
  • Satin sleep mask, blanket and neck pillow
  • Gift wrap cover for box available on request

The best part – you ARE the baggage, so there will be no need to fight your way to the front of the plane when you land. Upon reaching your destination, you’ll be carefully unloaded from the aircraft and receive priority customs clearance. Your family and friends will pick you up from the flight’s designated baggage carousel.

If you would like to book as a group, please advise as side by side positioning can be accommodated. Boxes with windows are also available on request.

Please note: Prices vary based on weight and travel destination. Advertised price based on average male travelling from capital city to London. Exact price will be calculated during purchase process.

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