Words of Wisdom

Languages change, usually very slowly, sometimes very rapidly.  There are many reasons a language might change.  One obvious reason is interaction with other languages. We find that the language of the elite often shows the influence of constant interaction with the majority, while the majority language imports vocabulary and speaking styles from the elite language.

Why and how do words change? Clipping (or truncation), for example, is a process whereby an appreciable chunk of an existing word is omitted, leaving what is sometimes called a stump word: gymnasium was shortened to form gym. The creation of the the verb enthuse from the noun enthusiasm is also an example of a back-formation.

This post, however, is not to be taken seriously. It is all about humor. We simply compiled a list of new meanings for old words to entertain our readers. Some definitions are tricky, though, and do require knowledge of the language, thus our intention: edutain = educate + entertain.

The list below is just a sample. It will be updated from time to time. The full list can be accessed at our Facebook page, under the category photos: the album is called Words of Wisdom. Check it out! Click here.

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